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Yellow or White plate?

What is the difference between having a yellow plate and white plate in Japan? and which one is right for you?

The major differences between the two plates are the weight and power of the vehicle. A white plate car has a larger more powerful engine and ranges between 500s to 300s. A yellow plate has a restricted engine settinh to no more than 660ccs. This number would be set to over 500 on the number plate. So in essence, the lower the number, the more power the engine has. In addition, the weight tax will be lower on the yellow plate as opposed to the white plates. Plates ranging from 300-399 is for cars 2000c and up. 400-499 are for 4 wheel trucks with 661cc- 2000cc engines. 500-599 are for cars with 661cc- 2000cc engines.

In japan, many people resort to buying a yellow plate vehicle due to the fact that having a car in Japan is relatively expensive. It's more or less a luxury to have a car in Japan; granted it could be a necessity for some people. In comparison to having a vehicle in America, having a vehicle in Japan woud be more costly. So, if you're moving to Japan and are looking to drive( If you don't like to walk or ride a bicycle often, you may want to invest in getting a car) be prepared to pay more frequently for keeping your car.

The template of a number plate is as such: City(top left), next is the weight class( numbers between 300-580 etc.), next come is the small font letter(registration letter. On base, the white plates registration letter is "Y" and the yellow plate registration is "A") next is followed