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What if you live off base?

By the off chance you are living off base, purchasing a vehicle can be rather time consuming and it will cost you a little extra money. Firstly, before purchasing a vehicle, you must have a parking space available to you. If your house or apartment complex doesn't have a space available, you have to find the nearest parking lot to your home and rent a spot there. Once you have the ok to park a vehicle there from the owner, you must receive a letter of approval from the own with an initial seal on it. Once you have that done, you will need to take that paper to the police station and they will have to confirm that you are able to park your car in that space, hence there is no on street parking.

The police will contact you within a weeks time to return to the station. Upon arrival they will give you a parking sticker and you will have to pay a fee. Once you have your sticker, you are now eligible to purchase a vehicle! It is a rather tedious procedure which is why at Iwakuni Used Car, we take car of all of the paperwork for you. Aside from getting the permission slip from the owner(unless you already own the home) there isn't much else you need to do. We do all of the running around and we will even give you a loaner car in the mean time! Living on base, the wait time to receive your car is about a week; two weeks if you're already living off base.

So if you are living on base and you are looking to move off base, we would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle before your address changes. It will save you some time and money during the process!