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What's JCI?

So, what exactly is a "JCI" or "Japan Craft Inspection"? Basically, the JCI is the American equivalent of car inspections. Whereas in America one would need to have the cars inspected on a yearly basis, in Japan the inspections will last for two years; three if you're willing to pay a little extra.

What's involved?

During the JCI, literally every part of the car is checked out. In other terms, its a "medical" examination of your car. In retrospect it's a complete full tune-up: Belts, fluids, battery, seals, brakes, tires, emissions, etc. are fully inspected to ensure the car is road worthy for at least the next two years. At Iwakuni Used Car, we include the cost of JCI in the purchase price! So from the date of delivery, your car will have a full two year JCI on it( Unless otherwise specified. We sometimes come across cars with valid JCIs).

Cost of JCI?

The cost of JCI differs from car to car. The break down:

  • Insurance
  • Weight Tax
  • Revenue Stamp
  • Fee for JCI
  • Inspection Fee
  • Parts and labor for anything that requires replacing

Documents needed:

  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate
  • Vehice tax payment certificate

Depending on certain specifications and the condition of your car, you may have a low or high fee for your JCI. Yellow plates and white plates will have different weight classes which in turn will affect the cost of the JCI; the cost of the yellow plates are cheaper than the white plates.