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  • Process

    Buying a car at IUC


    Choosing your car

    Pick a car that best fit your wants, needs and/or style. We have many options to choose from. We purchase cars directly from auction.

    By signing a vehicle order sheet, the vehicle will be taken off the market.


    PMO/ Secondary Insurance

    Once you've chosen your the car you want, you'll receive a copy of the title that will need to be taken to PMO. We also advise to get the secondary insurance as well; that can be done at Chubbs insurance on base.


    PMO Packet


    Once you finish at the PMO office, you will receive a packet.

    Once we've taken care of all necessary paperwork, we install the new plates and prepare for delivery.





    Our turn around time frame is 5-7 business days. On the day of delivery, we will require the full cost of the vehicle(unless other financial options has been agreed upon).

  • Service

    We offer JCI & Vehicle Inspection agent services!

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    Car Inspection

    Approx. $100 to $140


    Car maintenance or repair services for safety drive such as Brake check, Engine check, Lightning check, etc.



    #Oil Change $30


    *Prices will be changing for replacement parts, vehicle conditions or exchange rate.

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    About Iwakuni Used Car.

    Iwakuni Used Car was established in 2015 by Hiromitsu Ueki. Prior to starting his business, in 2008, Ueki-san received his insurance license and in 2009 received his auction license. On April 4th, 2015, The doors opened at Iwakuni Used Car not only for the Japanese but also for Foreigners looking to purchase a reliable vehicle at low costs. At Iwakuni Used car, we have Japanese and English speakers to better assist with the purchase of vehicles. On August 1st, 2018, Iwakuni Used Car will be moving to Kawashimo intersection off of route 188; it will be in walking distance for those coming from the military base for an easier commute. We hope to see you there!

    Challenge We promote ingenuity and constantly challenge ourselves to be “innovative” Gratitude We are gratuitous and act with integrity. Responsibility We act ethically and fulfill social responsibility as a company. Service We capture the essential needs of customers and will pursue “True service” that fits customer's needs. Human Rights Wish for the happiness of all people involved and work together!

  • Our Location

    2-11-34 Kawashimo-chou, Iwakuni-shi Yamaguchi-ken, Japan



    日本、〒740-0023 山口県岩国市川下町2丁目11−34
    070-8329-1912 Yuji